This morning, Ashlyn and I took the car to the dealership for the wood trim installation. Our salesperson made the appointment for me and said that it shouldn't take too long. But once I got there, the service guys said that it might take 4 hours. I was really pissed, because I had Brooke's bridal shower to attend at 1pm. *huff!* I called Brooke's bridesmaid and told her that I might not be able to make it.

After an hour and a half at the dealership, Ashlyn soiled a diaper and it smelled really bad. I left the diaper bag in the car, so I asked if I could go grab it. They finally let me (with much hesitation). When I got to my car, I noticed that everything was installed and it was just sitting there. I changed Ashlyn and then notifed the salesperson. It still took the service guys about twenty minutes to bring the car around. And it made me wonder how long they were going to keep me waiting if I didn't see the car for myself. *shake head* I dunno...those dealership people.

I was over an hour late, but was able to make Brooke's shower. *YAY!* The intimate gathering was hosted at Estrella's cute home in Pasadena. We nibbled on sun-dried tomato/pesto and salmon tar-tar turines and crackers, chicken salad and capresi salad on croissant, fruit salad, sweet corn and cranberry salsa, and mixed field greens with balsamic vinaigrette. Mmmm! We showered Brooke with lots of love, attention, and gifts! =D

While I was there, Ashlyn had two soiled diapers and was getting very sleepy. I didn't get to stay as long as I hoped to, but everyone was very understanding. Ashlyn slept the whole ride home, which took a little over an hour. I'm just extremely thankful for the Navigation System. It made traveling around the greater LA area so much easier. =D

After I got home, I changed into sweats, flopped down in front of the TV, and stretched out on my back for over an hour. The pain in my back was the worst ever! The last twenty minutes in the car was excruciating...and lying on the floor was painful too. =(
Aric gave me some quiet time alone. He took Ashlyn out to pick up some fried chicken at Popeyes for dinner. I boiled some articokes and heated up some soup.

We popped in "Minority Report" on DVD. *chuckle* Don't laugh, I'm trying to catch up on my movies. It was very futuristic and visually stunning. After the first ten minutes, Aric paused it and asked: "Are you getting it so far?"
Peg: *blank stare*
Aric: *resuming the movie* "just asking."
*Sheesh*...sometimes I wonder just how stupid he thinks I am. hehehehehe

Going to bed early. Nitey-nite!

Pictures from today:

Brooke cutting her cake

yummy cake

Brooke and Renee

Alice, Yvonne, and Ashlyn

brooke and Said (pronounced Sa-yeed)

Estrella, Yvonne, Alice, Brooke, and Said

me, Ashlyn, Yvonne, Alice, Brooke, and Said

Ashlyn sittin' in the refridgerator. HAHAHA!

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