Happy Friday! Today, Ashlyn and I met Aric, Arnold, and Art for lunch at Mitsuwa. The fellas'converstaion at lunch was pretty interesting. Aric and Art were trying to convince Arnold the importance of protection...and I'm not talking "trojans". They were discussing chemical warfare and such. Not to make my husband sound like a paranoid freak or anything, but the other day we got a shipment of filters for our gas-masks (even Ashlyn has a little gas-mask). Usually, I just roll my eyes...because like Arnold, I choose not to dwell too much about those things. Yes, I do believe that the threat of chemical (and possibly nuclear) warfare is very real. But I don't like to think about it.
Aric just likes to be prepared...which is good and smart. One thing's for certain, were fully protected against home-invasion. hehehe Anyhow, by the end of lunch, poor Arnold's face looked dark with irritation. Art and Aric combined are hard to argue with. =P

Ashlyn and I came home after lunch for her nebulizer treatment. As long as the TV's on, she's pretty good about sitting still for 15 minutes while I hold the tube over her nose and mouth. I don't know if this treatment is working. She has coughing fits after each treatment. I looked through the prescription information, and it's one of the side effects. I guess the nebulizer helps break up the phlem or something. I dunno.
Her conditions are not improving and she still has pretty bad diarrhea. Poor baby!

I got a "Thank You" email from The Gap for submitting Ashlyn into the Casting Call. She wasn't selected...but check out who were! =)

Aric and I spent a nice quiet night at home. We had a yummy dinner and popped in "Signs" DVD. I am so behind in my movies. To talk about it now would seem so "last year". hehehe
But I like the movie. It's one of those movies that stays with you hours later and provokes thought. It thoroughly creeped me out! M. Night Shyamalan is amazingly talented. If you haven't seen it, go rent it.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ashlyn playing in the bathroom

Ashlyn's pic of the day
(still under the weather, but smiling at least)

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