HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my godbrother, SHO!

Today was pretty mellow. Just stayed home and took care of poor sicky-bear. I can tell she's feeling really miserable...and to make matters worse, she now has diarrhea. She's doubled the amount of diaper changes in a day. It worries me that she can soil that many diapers when she refuses to eat and barely drinks anything. =(
Luckily she has a doctor's appointment is tomorrow.

Can I just tell you what a hassle it is dealing with the dealership? The minute you purchase the car, their customer service and courtesy seems to go out the window. The past couple of days, Aric and I (and even Brian), have been exchanging phone calls with the dealership. Since Monday night, they changed their story around and said that if we want the "additional" wood trim, we have to pay more. Which is a bunch of bull-dooky! It was clearly stated, when we purchased the car, that we wanted the same wood-trim that Brian got. Now they're saying that they accidentally installed "extra" wood trim on Brian's car. So let me ask this again...are there different packages of wood trim? It's painfully obvious that it's also unclear to the salesperson and front manager. *shake head*
After a couple of days of phone calls, email exchanges, angry outbursts, and some profanity (from Aric *whoa!* hehehe), they decided to "do us a favor" by installing the remainder of the wood trim with "no additional charge". *sarcastic* Gee, thanks.
I'm not too happy about spending another long afternoon at the dealership again. *sigh*

Tonight was a long night for me. Aric had school and Ashlyn was being super fussy. After a whole day of being with a sick and demanding baby, by 6pm, I had to dig deep in my "Patience-reserve" to keep it all together. Don't get me wrong...I love Ashlyn to death, but after 10-12 hours, all I ask for is a 10-20 minute break of quiet time. Yeah, my mom would be laughing her head off right now. Pay back is a bitch, ain't it? HAHAHAHA!

Good thing I had "The Bachelorette" and "Celebrity Mole: Hawaii" to help pass the time. I never saw the first "Bachelor" so I was not familiar with Trista. She's gorgeous and seems to have it all together. I was squealing like a schoolgirl watching her meet each guy and being the belle of the ball at the cocktail partyI swear, it must be every girl's dream to be the center of attention at a party. That party would have to be THE best moment ...because from here on out, the ugliness begins. hehehe


Ashlyn's pic of the day
(still under the weather)

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