I dragged Wing to the Honda dealership with me today. I took the car in to get the wood-trim installed. Our salesperson said that it would take a couple of hours...but the service guy ended up saying that it would be about 4 hours! WTH?!

In any case, Wing and I took a long lunch across the street at FuRaiBo. It's this small japanese place that specializes in sweet/spicy glazed chicken wings. It was really yummy. Wing and I shared a double order of Teba Wings and a short rib plate. =)

741 W. Redondo Beach Blvd.
Gardena, CA 90247
Tel: (310) 329-9441

Afterward, we walked around the Japanese Plaza and checked out the 350Z at a nearby Nissan Dealership. Wing really wanted to test drive the 350Z, but the salesperson was saying something about not wanting to put mileage on a car like that....instead, they really pushed us to test drive their new SUV- The Murano, but we declined.
Wing, Ashlyn, and I walked back over to Honda and spent the rest of the afternoon waiting for the car. The hours dragged...and right when I thought the car was done, the service guy came over to tell me that it would be another hour! *Poo!*

When they finally pulled the car up, it was dark out and I couldn't tell that the car had been washed, waxed, or detailed. I just noticed that not ALL the wood trim was installed. It pissed me off that the service guy never mentioned anything and was just going to let go on my merry way. When I inquired about it, he argued that it was all there. I pointed out the places where it was supposed to have wood trim (and didn't) and he asked if it was included the package we got. WTF?! At this point I was even more irritated and asked him:
"What do you mean? We got the wood-trim package. Are there different levels of wood trim-ness?!" <---yeah, I really said "wood trim-ness". When I get mad, the ability to speak proper English is totally out the window. HAHAHA! =P

Wing urged me to go talk to my salesperson....but she was with a customer. So I grabbed the front manager and told him what happened. Since he saw me waiting around all day, he was really nice about everything and apologized. He pulled the paperwork and told me that not all the parts came in...and as regretful as he was, he's going to have to ask me to bring the car in again. But he promised that the next time I come in, it'll be in-n-out.

When Wing and I got back home, we picked up Emily and had dinner at CPK. Aric had a Farewell dinner for his coworker/friend...so it was just the four of us. After dinner, we came back to my place and watched "Joe Millionaire". I'm enjoying these reality shows. I'm looking forward to seeing "The Bachelorette" and "The Surreal Life", too. hehehe

Ashlyn's coming down with something, though she was a good girl throughout the day regardless. I hate to admit this, but I can no longer deny that Ashlyn always seems to come down with something right after being around Lauren....and the girls just keep passing it back and forth to each other. I guess I have to sacrifice hanging out with Grace for a bit...until Ashlyn's over this thing. The last thing I want is for Taylor to get sick. =(
Anyhow, Ashlyn turned 15 months today. My observations this month? She's "talking" a lot...unfortunately, it's no language we understand. hehehehe But it's so cute. She talks like she has something important to say. The words we do understand are "mama", "dada", "baby", "ahhhh" (for grandma in taiwanese), "ah-gong" (for grandpa in taiwanese), "hi", "hello", "bye", "ju-ju" (pacifier in chinese), "neh-neh" (milk in chinese), "goh-goh" (dog in chinese), "kinko" (as in the twinkle-twinkle little star), "oh", and "um" (as in yum). Though her volcabulary is limited, she understands more than she can verbalize. She can follow simple directions. If I say something, she can point to it. Separation anxiety has heightened this past month. She doesn't like when someone (anyone) leaves or closes a door behind them....even if it's to go to the bathroom. =/ She developed a passion for sharing, feeding others, singing, and coloring. She is very affectionate and playful. She often uses her "cold" face as a tool to get attention. She does it for everyone...including complete strangers. Of course everyone finds it hilarious. Personally, I think it's lost it's charm. It's all played out now. She continues to decrease her food intake. She doesn't seem to want to eat ever. She's starting to lose weight, and it's become a cause for concern. Of course, if I really think about it, she's still pretty darm heavy. She has four visible teeth...but her left lateral incisor just broke skin (and I her right lateral should soon follow). YAY! As for hair?...nope, still sparse. Overall, she's growing into a sweet loving child. She amazes me with her sense of humor and her ability to be flexible and accomodating...and if you know toddlers, that is very rare.

*YAWN!* Long ass day! My back is still bothering me...*lawd, have mercy*..someone save me!

Pictures from today:

Wing at FuRaiBo

Ashlyn and I waiting at the dealership

Emily and Wing at CPK

Ashlyn coloring

me and Ashlyn

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