Spent the day at home with Aric and Ashlyn. I finally got around to cleaning out Ashlyn's closet....packed away her 6-12 month, and even some 12-18 month clothes. Dude...babygirl's got A LOT of clothes! After sealing everything in plastic and packing it away in huge boxes, I had Aric put the boxes on the top shelf of her closet. I think he was pretty stunned at how much clothes she had. That took most of the morning and noon.

We spent the afternoon just lounging on the couch and watching "Clueless" on TBS.
Brian, Grace, and Brandon came over around 5pm. We were all invited to Lauren's 3rd Birthday Dinner at Macaroni Grill in the Marketplace.

The evening was filled with lots of good eats, good convo, and a bunch of adorable lil' babies! I guess this is how it's going to be from now on...a child (or two) sandwiched between parents. Conversations revolving around breast-feeding, infant farts, and silly facial expressions. Not that I mind. But I think I'm starting to understand how my "child-less" friends feel when they used to hang around me. HAHAHAHA

After dinner, we continued the party at James and Grace's. We watched Lauren open all her gifts. I think she got like, three or four Dora the Explorer dolls. hehehehe Her favorite gift by far was the Huffy bike and Hello Kitty Helmet Ed and Sue got her. She begged her Dad to assemble the bike right away. So all the guys crouched around and lent some elbow-grease. =D

We stayed until almost midnight. Ashlyn was starting to get real fussy. I could tell she was beyond tired...her usual mild-mannered demeanor turned fiercely impatient and grabby. She was starting to fight with the birthday girl. =T

My back is still killing me. Anybody got some Demerol?...Percocet?...Morphine?
Yes, I'm in THAT much pain! =(

Hoped y'all had a great weekend!

Pictures from tonight:

Lauren- the birthday girl

Ed and Sue

Sam and Patti

Brian and Brandon (making the "O" face)
and Grace and Brandon

me, Ashlyn, and Aric

Ashlyn eating

Babies, babies, babies!
(clockwise from top left: Taylor, Karis, Olivia, and Brandon)

The older kids

Lauren and her birthday cake

blowing out the candles (with some help from Minji)

Ed eating while holding Olivia

Ashlyn and Lauren

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