Happy Friday! Today Ashlyn and I got out of the house. We met up with Grace, Lauren, and Taylor at South Coast Plaza. Both Grace and I wanted to return some things and take advantage of the post-holiday sales. I finally took Sarah's advice and invested in a couple of really nice bras at Victoria's Secret. They were having some crazy sale, too.
Do you want to hear something depressing? After having Ashlyn, I dropped a cup size. Oh, and what's even more depressing is that my hip/butt size increased! *BOO-HOO!* Yeah, that's all I need...more junk in the trunk. =(

After South Coast, Grace and I headed over to Fashion Island in Newport. We essentially spent the entire day walking around the malls. It was good exercise, but my lower back has been bothering me for the past few weeks (the pain increasing each day), and today was the worst. I would occasionally stop to stretch but it didn't help. When we got back to Grace's house she had me lie down while she gave me a massage. It helped a lot...but after a couple of hours, the pain returned. I really wanted Lauren to walk on my back, but I only succeded in having her sit on my back and yell "giddyup!" *shake head*

Aric had a Department dinner tonight, so I ate at Grace's. Patti and Karis came over, and James picked up Thai food. We just hung out the rest of the night talking about midlife crisis and "The 7-year Itch". Up until tonight, I haven't even heard of "The 7-year Itch". Disturbing but interesting.

Aric joined us at James and Grace's after his dinner ended. We stayed a bit longer before heading home. My back is killing me....gonna go to bed now. G'nite! Have a great weekend!

Pictures from today:

Ashlyn playing in Lauren's room



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