Didn't do too much today...three loads of laundry, some house chores, organized, vaccuumed, and hung around the house. I'm still tired from the previous nights' lack of sleep.

Tonight Aric, Ashlyn, and I went over to Ed and Sue's. I was so excited, since I haven't gotten a chance to see their baby yet. And let me tell ya....she is soooo beautiful! The minute I walked through the door, Ed handed her off to me. Olivia is so tiny! She was all curled up, and from head to toe, her length was no longer than my forearm! She slept peacefully the entire time. I chatted with Ed and Sue briefly, but spent most of the time just marveling over her teeny tiny adorable features. *sigh* Aric was afraid to hold Olivia. I think we've both kinda forgotten how to handle a newborn. hehehe

We stayed until close to midnight, then headed home when Ashlyn showed signed of sleepiness. She had a grand ol' time playing with Ed. He tied some balloons to her and she was all freaked out. HAHAHAHA!

Pictures from tonight:

me and Olivia

Aric and Olivia

Ed playing with Ashlyn


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