Today was a whirlwind of day. Ashlyn and I got up pretty early. We got a visit from my brother-in-law, Patrick, who came to drop off gifts. Then Ashlyn and I were busy running a bunch of errands. I had a quick lunch with babygirl, then met up with Grace, Lauren, and Taylor for more errands and a Costco run.

I got home a little after 5pm...tried to tidy up a bit before Aunt Judy stopped by with more gifts. Wow...it's like Christmas everyday! =)

Aric got home in time to meet with the financial planner. They sat at the dining table going over important grown-up stuff. I dunno...I was busy watching "Will & Grace". hehehe

By 7pm, Aric, Ashlyn, and I rushed off to meet Sam, Patti, Baby Karis, and Brian at a Honda dealership in Gardena.
Aric's been avidly looking into a new car for me. Personally, I think he needs a new car more than I do (since his car is barely street legal), but he likes his car. *shrug* I didn't really want to go...mainly because my car was finally paid off earlier this year and I didn't feel like taking on another. But I humored him, and went along for the ride.
We spent a good 4 hours at the dealership. *UGH!* While the fellas talked to the salesperson, I hung out with Patti and Baby Karis. I haven't seen Sam, Patti, or Baby Karis since Baby Karis was born. Baby Karis has grown a tad bigger and is really cute. Baby Karis slept most of the time, and I enjoyed staring at her tiny face! =)
Anyhow...imagine my surprise when Aric announced that I GOT A NEW CAR! Crazy! I didn't think we were getting a car tonight and was in a bit of shock and disbelief when I had to go clean out my old car of personal belongings (while Aric signed papers). I was kind of sad to part with my old car...until I saw the new car. *eyes lit up* It was all good after that. hehehe Sam and Patti bought a new car, too....same model just different color and options.

Aric wanted me to drive home and get acquainted with the car. I was giddy with excitement! I absolutely LOVE the new car! I love the spaciousness, the leather interior, the navigation system, the smooth ride, the horsepower, the new car smell! *deep whiff* Ahhhh! I don't think it's truly sunk in yet. I'm still in disbelief! Damn, I'm spoiled! HAHAHA =D
Oh, Sonny just got a new car too!

We got home a little past midnight! Aric's been pouring over the manual, brochure, and web-forums. He's definitely happy with this purchase.

Well, I'm still working on updating the journals from my recent trip. It might take me a while...so please be patient.

I'm pooped! Tomorrow's going to be another busy day with the upcoming New Year's Eve festivities. What the hell?!...I can't believe this year's over!

Pictures from tonight:

Happy Aric at the dealership

Patti, Sam, and Baby Karis

my new Pilot!

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