Yesterday Aric and I spent a busy day shopping. We went to Babys R Us and South Coast Plaza. Everywhere we went was a ZOO!!! It also didn't help that the rain caused people to drive like maniacs. Afterwards, we went to Pat and Oscar's, picked up dinner, brought it back home, popped in a DVD, and finally relaxed. I LOVE Pat and Oscar's spinach salad!...it's the best. Whenever Bett comes to visit, she always likes to eat there. After putting the baby to bed, Aric and I cleaned up the house. It's nice to finally be able to walk through the living room without having to dodge a huge mess of wrapping paper, empty boxes, and unclaimed gifts. I had a hard time falling asleep last night. AND if I can't sleep, I make sure Aric can't either! hehehe
Peg: "pssst...are you sleeping?"
Aric: "getting there."
Peg: "I can't sleep."
Aric: "it's almost 4am....aren't you tired?"
Peg: "nope. I feel wired."
Aric: "try to close your eyes."
Peg: "can't you keep me company?"
Aric: "okay."
So I start talking...but then I'm interrupted by a loud snore. *Bastard!*

Today Aric and I had lunch with my father-in-law, Aric's grandmother, and Patrick. After lunch, we met up with Wey at Costco, and bought stuff for our New Years party. Since Aric and I are not going out for New Years this year, we decided to have friends over at our house for dinner, and also to celebrate Ann's birthday...she's a New Year Baby! =D

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