This morning Aric, Ashlyn, and I got up really early and began our long car ride home. After such a wonderful and lengthy visit with the family in NorCal, it was hard saying goodbye. *sniff*

The car ride back wasn't too bad considering Ashlyn and I slept most of the way. hehehe
We planned to stop over at Brian and Grace's on the way back...and made it into Ventura County in a swift four hours!

We spent most of the afternoon hanging out at Brian and Grace's. I was so excited to see Baby Brandon! Being only 8 days old, Baby Brandon is such an adorable and precious lil' thing! I got to hold, feed, burp, and change him. I've never changed a baby boy before, and my experience wasn't complete until I got hit with a stream of pee mid-diaper. HAHAHA! Brian and I instinctively put our hand up to block the stream. It was too too funny! =D
I almost forgot what it was like having a newborn. Ashlyn looked freakishly HUGE next to Baby Brandon. I used to think that the first three months were the hardest...but in hindsight, it was the easiest. Back in the day, Ashlyn just cried, ate, and slept. *simple*. Now, she's old enough where she's curious and getting into everything, but too young to understand right from wrong. It's a whole lotta chasing, being patient, and scolding. *sigh*
Grace, Brian, and Brandon are doing very well!

We left Stevenson Ranch around 5:45pm, and the traffic was just horrible. It took us nearly two hours to get home. Once home, we unloaded the car and spent the rest of the evening settling in, opening gifts from Southern Cal friends and family, and trying to clean up the gigantic mess. Our living room was blown-up! Nevertheless, it's nice to be back. =)

Oooooh, ooooooh...check it...I got the coolest Christmas gift ever from my loving hubby!
I got a sewing/embroidery machine!!! DOPE!!! He's been taunting me with vague hints here and there for the past few weeks. Naturally, I guessed it was something electronic (since Aric is big on stuff like that), but I never imaged that he would get something like this. I mean, he's knowledgeable on high-tech gadgets and such, but sewing?!...it definitely required a lot of research on his part. He even bought a bunch of colorful spools of thread and pre-wound bobbins! HAHAHA! I'm touched by his thoughtfulness and generosity. =D

It's late and I'm tired! G'nite!

Pictures from today:

feeding Baby Brandon

Baby Brandon sleeping

Ashlyn climbing into and lounging in Brandon's bouncer! HAHAHA!

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