I haven't been up to much since being back from Northern Cal. I spent all yesterday relaxing with Ashlyn, cleaning up around the house, and doing some laundry. After Aric got home from work, we went to have dinner with his mom and drop off Christmas gifts to some relatives. Last night, before going to bed, I told Aric I had a song stuck in my head.
Aric: "What song?"
Peg: "You know, that song from Nickelback..."You Remind Me".
Aric: "I don't know how it goes."
I attempted to sing it, and Aric suddenly slaps his hands over his ears!
Aric: "Don't get it into MY head."
HAHAHAHA...for a second there I thought it was my gawd-awful singing. HAHAHAHA

"Till this day forward..."

I was recently asked to be a bridesmaid. So for Year 2002, I not only have the honor of being a part of Ivy's wedding....but Ann's too! *sniff* I'm so touched. So today I went with Ann, along with some of her other bridesmaids, to try on wedding gowns. Ann had two appointments at some pretty posh and snobby boutiques...one in Huntington Beach, the other in Newport Beach. We're not allowed to photograph any of the gowns, but I did anyway.

Ann, in one of many she tried on today

Ann with her maid-of-honor Christine, me, and Margaret

Afterwards, we all went our separate ways....only to join up again at Buca di Beppo's for a surprise birthday dinner for Ann (cleverly concocted by her fiance, Phil). But, dude...several times throughout the day, I thought I was going to slip up and ruin the surprise. I'm really bad at keeping surprises. Next time, just don't tell me...it's a lot more safe that way. =P

Ann...really surprised and happy...thanks to Phil

Phil and Ann

Ann's party guests....I forgot some of their names

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