HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my parents!
Wishing you another 40 years of love, happiness, success, and wedded bliss!
I love you both!

Today Aric, Ashlyn, Wil, and I met Sonny and Sarah for lunch in Fremont. Since Tony works nearby, he met up with us as well. Lunch was cool. We ordered a bunch of different dishes and Sonny got to play with Ashlyn a lot more. She didn't feed him any soggy left-overs from her mouth, but she did blow him kisses. hehehe She kept him pretty busy by having him chase her all over the restaurant.
Thank you Sonny for a great lunch, and for the wonderful gifts! Ashlyn got a teddy bear twice her size!

After lunch, Aric, Ashlyn, Sarah, Wil, and I went to Valley Fair to walk around and shop the "after Christmas" sales. The mall was just as crowded today as it was the other day. I accidentally left Ashlyn's stroller in my mom's car...it was a good thing Valley Fair has one of those stroller-rental thingies. Ashlyn had a fun time riding around in the car. =) Aric and I picked up a couple of wedding gifts.

By 5:30pm, Tony, Bett, and Wing met up with us for dinner. We went to Cheesecake Factory (again). I wasn't really hungry so I ordered a salad. But my salad turned out to be this huge thing! It was yummy and I made sure everyone had a bite of it. hehehe
After dinner, some parted ways, and some of us went to Target in Cupertino for more shopping.

Today was a fun day. Thanks to everyone who came out and joined us!

Pictures from today:

picture collage of Sonny and Ashlyn

Sonny and Sarah

Ashlyn wearing Sonny's glasses. hehehe

Ashlyn, Aric, Sarah, Sonny, and me

Ashlyn riding her rental stroller

Bett, Ashlyn, and Tony at Cheesecake Factory

Aric (scary grin) and Wil

Sarah, Wing, and me

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