Today Aric and I got up early and packed up our stuff. We had to borrow a large suitcase from my parents because we couldn't fit any of our Christmas gifts in our bags. We met up with Joyce and Sarah for lunch, walked around, then went over to Joyce's new pad. We didn't stay long because we had a flight to catch and needed to get to the airport early.

Sarah, Joyce, me, and Ashlyn

Joyce and Ashlyn

Daddy burping Ashlyn

The time it took us to get to the airport, check in, wait for our delayed flight, and actually fly back, Aric said we could have gotten back already if we drove. I cringed at the thought of another long car trip with Ashlyn. But I have to admit, the airport scene is very time consuming.
Ed was so gracious picking us up from the airport....AND bringing us food!!! Our flight came in late and we missed dinner plans with Wey and Jenn. They were camping outside our house when we pulled up. I felt so bad.

Jenn and Ashlyn

Jenn, Wey, and Ashlyn

It's good to be back. I'm pooped!

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