Today was a nice mellow day spent at home with Mom, Sis, my nieces, and Ashlyn. My dad, Aric, Tony, and Wil got up for a 7am tee-time. *crazy!* But it's a good opportunity for Aric to spend more time with the family.

Tonight we were all invited to Aunt Susan's house for a big Christmas party. Aunt Susan lives on a big hill, in a big house. We had a nice buffet-style dinner and the adults partied in the main living room...jabbering away in Chinese, playing games, and singing karaoke.
Funny how I don't consider us "adults". hehehehe Wil, Tony, Aric, Ashlyn, Marisa, and I hung out in the game room playing Dance Dance Revolution and darts with other young folks.

This would be the third time in my life playing DDR. The first few times were at places like Dave and Buster's where I would publicly make a fool of myself. Tonight I got to do it in private. HAHAHA It was pretty fun. Wil and I would start off on an easy level and work our way to another easy level with different music. hehehe. Eventually we made our way up to the normal level and instanly my legs forgot left and right and I got all retarded again. It's the pressure I tell ya! Anyway, after a few hours, I think I got a pretty good work out. Aric, Tony, and Marisa played too.

We stayed till about 10pm then headed home. Aric was tired from getting up early for golf. He and Ashlyn went down pretty fast. hehehe

Hoped you all had a fun, memorable, safe, and special Christmas!

Pictures from tonight:

Tony, Marisa, Wil, me, Ashlyn, and Aric at Aunt Susan's

Wil and Tony

me, Ashlyn, and Aric

me and Aric competing
(can you see Ashlyn between us?)

Ashlyn trying to follow along

Wil, Ashlyn, and Tony

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