Spent the day at home and ran some quick errands with Wil. Aric got in late in the afternoon.

Christmas Eve is HUGE at our house. We indulge in a big feast, lots of wine, conversation, karaoke, and games before opening gifts. This year, we didn't have quite as many extended family come over, but we still had a fabulous time! I missed having my brother-in-law and the twins there, but they had to watch the liquor store (one of the drawbacks to owning a family business). We partied until the wee hours of the morning. =D

Pictures from tonight:

Ivy and Oli stopped by

an aerial shot of Ashlyn, Sis, and Marisa by the tree

Aric pointing to all the gifts

my family- Sis, Heather, Dad, Mom, Ashlyn, Eva, me, Wil, and Marisa

Aric, Dad, and Tony

me and my sisters

Wil and Tony

me and Aric

my family enjoying an after dinner "cigar" cookie. HAHAHAHA!

sis singing karaoke

Ashlyn singing grunting karaoke

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