Our family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve. We would have dinner then open gifts at midnight. But through the years, and as our family got bigger, we had to started opening gifts earlier...for the kids' sake. It's really insane how many gifts we have under the tree every year! Our family spoils one another. This year Ashlyn got the most gifts by far! Aric and I are really grateful for the love that surrounds us. We were also extra blessed this year having Tony's parents join in our celebration. =D

Ashlyn with Aunt Wil

me, Marisa, and Ashlyn

our Chrsitmas tree and presents

Eva, Marisa, Heather, Wil, Mom, and Aric among the gifts
(picture shot taken from our second story loft)

Ashlyn's first Christmas

Ashlyn and Grandpa

John stopped by to drop off gifts

Ashlyn with her Uncle Tony, Aunt Wil, and cousins-Marisa, Vincent, and Emily

Marisa and grandpa, with her new Britney Spear's Concert Tour Bus

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