Wing treated Cin, Aric , and I to lunch at Pasta Pomodoro. We went for ice cream and Starbucks afterwards, then checked out some model homes in the area. I love walking through model homes, and imagining that I live there. Unfortunately, these homes were in the million dollar range, and I just don't have that kind of cash in my pocket. *sigh* =) Afterwards, we kicked it at Wing's and played BustAMove. No one likes to play with me because they say I gloat too much. I don't gloat. It's not my fault they all suck and I kick ass! HAHAHAHA
Wing fed us some yummy chocolates, shaped like frogs, that have poprocks in them. Notice when people eat poprocks, they all have their mouths open comparing whose candy crackles more?! Just an observation. hehehehe

Pictures from today:

Cin, Wing, and Ashlyn at Starbucks

Cin, Aric, Ashlyn, and I, at Wing's

Aric, Ashlyn, and Wing

Cin, Wing, and I...Damn, I'm so short compared to them! =(

me and Aric...and Ashlyn peeking out

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