(picture courtesy of Aric)
2:42pm - 5 lbs. 11 oz. - 19.25 in.

This morning, once again, Aric called to say that Ed and Sue checked into the hospital.
Man, I've only been here for a few days and I'm missing so much! Aric went to vist them in the afternoon, and said that all are well. Baby Olivia is tiny with a full head of hair! CUTE!
I can't wait to see her in person! *squeal!*

I spent the day with Cin. She came over around noon and we hung out a bit before a trip to Starbucks and Trader Joes. I had plans to meet up with the ever-so-popular Mouji Mouji and Athena for dinner, and asked Cin to join us.

We ate at Camrahn Bay in San Mateo. Dinner was great...as well as the company. Cin, Kev, and Athena had much to talked about as they spoke fondly and shared shopping, beach, and restaurant reccomendations for Hawaii. They all discovered that they're flying out to the Islands on the same day (though not the same flight). Very cool!

After dinner, we walked over to Q-Cup. I was the only person who ordered a drink and food. I wanted to try their fried chicken, and they had this fried chicken and french fry combo. Cin looked at me with amazement...since we just got done with a big meal. HAHAHAHA Hey, I'm on vacation..leave me alone. hehehe
A big THANKS to Kev and Athena for their company and gift!

Cin and I drove back to home, and Ashlyn cried the whole ride back. Not only did she cry, but she would call out "Ma-maaaaa, Ma-maaaaaaaaaa" all sad. It was enough to rip my heart out. But since I was driving, there was little I could do. Cin (out of all my friends, has the least desire to have children) sat very quietly, growing increasingly uncomfortable. By the time I pulled off the freeway, I turned to her and asked, "this killing you, huh?"
Cin: "a little".
HAHAHAHA...poor girl (Cin, not Ashlyn). hehehehe =P

Wil and Tony, who spent the day snowboarding in Tahoe, came over. Cin, Wil, and I hung out as I tucked Ashlyn into bed, and we talked until almost 1am! Hoped you had a great weekend!

Pictures from tonight:

Kev and Athena

Cin, me, and Ashlyn

Mouji-boy and Ashlyn

me, Cin, and Wil

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