(picture courtesy of Aric)
3:47pm - 8 lbs. 8 oz. - 20 in.
CONGRATULATIONS to Brian and Grace!

This morning Aric called to say that Brian and Grace checked into the hospital. Baby Brandon, not due for a couple more days, was eager to join the rest of the world. hehehe

Today was a relaxing day. We spent the morning at home with my parents and took a walk along the path near our house. In the afternoon, Ashlyn and I went to the mall with my parents so my mom could finish up her Christmas shopping. Eastridge Mall was a zoo!
Aric called often throughout the day with updates on Grace's labor and delivery...and after the the baby was born, Aric headed up to the hospital to visit them. I was a bit bummed to have missed it since I have been anticipating the birth of Brandon for a long time. Aric said that everyone is doing well and that the baby looks beautiful. =)

The evening was spent at home. A nice home-cooked meal with my family and cousins. My schedule's a bit thrown off and for some reason, and I kept thinking today was Monday...until we watched "Will & Grace" on TV. hehehe
Hung out and and chatted with my parents and Wil most of the night.

Pictures from today:

Mom, Dad, and Ashlyn on a walk

me and Mom watching Ashlyn

Dad and Ashlyn in sync
(this is my favorite picture) hehehehe

a rainbow near our home

Dad, Mom, and Ashlyn at the mall

Ashlyn checking out the gifts under the Christmas tree

Ashlyn with Uncle Tony and Auntie Wil

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