This morning Ann picked us up to drop us off at the airport. The airport was crazy! The lines to pass through security checkpoint wrapped around the corner and then some. So far, Ashlyn has been a good traveler.

Aric and Ashlyn waiting for our flight

Wil picked us up and, along with my parents, we had dinner at her and Tony's place. Afterwards, Sis and the kids came over, and we watched DVDs and hung out. Below is a picture of Ashlyn and a doll Aric and bought for one of our birthing classes (which was a total waste of money, because bringing a stuffed animal to the class would have been sufficient).

Freaky picture, huh?

Ashlyn's slowly catching up to the doll's size. I had promised my niece, Marisa, that I would give her the doll...so she can have her very own "baby".
Before Ashlyn was born, the doll laid in the baby's crib, until Sarah saw it and freaked out...then I moved the doll into the closet of the baby's room. But every now and then, when I needed to get something from the closet, it would freak me out. I guess the life-like resemblance was unnerving. Packing that doll in our suitcase was eerie...I felt like an abusive parent or something. =P HAHAHAHAHA!

Peg: "So...what did you name your baby?"
Marisa: *big smile* "Her name is Ashlyn, too."
Peg: "Really?...her name is Ashlyn-2?"
Marisa: "No....just Ashlyn."
Peg: "Huh?"
Marisa: *pouting* "Forget it...her name is Tiffany."

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