Okay, I finally uploaded all the pics and journals from my visit up North. Dude, that took forever! I took so many pictures on my visit, and it was such a b*tch sorting through all of them. Aric had asked me if I wanted to take the laptop with me, so I could work on my page from my parents', but I couldn't handle any more bags.

Since being back, Aric and I have been on a shopping rampage...going to the mall and specialty stores every night! I was pretty surprised to find that Macy's closes at midnight! CRAZY! Last night, Wey, Glenda, and Dai-Lo joined us...and we were there till the place closed. Tonight, Aric and I are going again. *sigh* Aric's a pretty picky shopper. I try to help him, but he turns down all my suggestions. If I had it my way, we'd be done already. Oh well, I guess I'll just tag along.

Funny thing happened the other night when Aric and I went out to dinner. As always, we eat in shifts. I'll feed Ashlyn while Aric eats, and when he was done, we'll switch so I could eat.
Aric: "Oh, I think she just had an explosion."
Peg: "...and?"
Aric: *hesitating* "okay...I'll go change her."
Peg: *smiling* "okay."
Dude, homeboy was gone for like 20 minutes!!! I was sitting there all worried. Wondering how he's doing and if he's doing it right. I mean, Aric's changed poopy diapers before, but "poopies" are much different than "explosions". I asked one of the waiters, "Excuse me, can I bother you to check on my husband in the bathroom? Can you see if he's alright in there, and if he needs any help?" The waiter gave me a weird look, then noticed the stroller and baby-stuff, and nodded. When he left, I replayed what I said to the waiter again in my head, and the request did sound pretty weird. HAHAHAHAHA! Anyways, when Aric finally came back, I was totally impressed to learn that they have changing tables in the men's bathrooms. WOW!...we ARE progressing!

Today, Glenda came over to help me watch Ashlyn while I got some stuff done around the house. Now that I'm finally caught up on my webpage, I'll be leaving again to spend Christmas with my family. So updates will resume when I get back....sorry for the inconsistent updates.

Ashlyn's pic of the day
she started sucking her thumb this week!

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