This morning Aric dropped me and Ashlyn off at the airport curbside. I've gotten pretty good at traveling with the baby and Aric no longer needs to park the car. hehehe
But I did encounter a bit of trouble going through the security checkpoint. They scanned me and Ashlyn and made me remove my shoes, then they rummaged through the diaper bag. I didn't worry too much until they pulled out this 8 inch metal rod from my diaper bag. I literally gasped! It's this metal attachment for one of Aric's tools....we had it with us four days earlier when we were at Sears, and I guess we forgot about it. Anyhow, imagine my embarassment. The security guard pounded one end menacingly into the palm of his other hand, whilst explaining to me that this could be used as a blunt weapon. Needless to say, they confiscated it. =/

Sis picked me up in San Jose. It was freezing and pouring cats and dogs. We met with my parents, Rudy, and a business associate at Dynasty Seafood for dim sum. After lunch I ran errands with Sis and we picked up the kids from school. I spent most of the afternoon hanging out with Sis, Christel, Amanda, and Marisa.

Tony picked me up for dinner. We're meeting a bunch a friends for our annual Kris Kringle dinner at Buca di Beppo's in Palo Alto. It stopped raining, but the air was so chilly. I think it was around 40 degrees in Palo Alto. Whenever you talked, you can see your breath!

Dinner was fun. We all gathered around to chow down and enjoy each other's company and coversations. But the problem with long tables is that you can't hear what the other end is saying. hehehehe We also celebrated the completion of Matty's MBA program. It's been a tough few years for Matty, and we're all very proud of him! =D

I got buzzed off the apple martinis prior to dinner...it's been a while since I drank, and I had a really good time. =) Ahhh, it's nice to be back!

Pictures from today:

Marisa, Ashlyn, and Sis

Parkin and Sara at Bucca di Beppo's

Aaron, Mayu, and Tom

Steve and Tony

Matty and Cin

Wil (servin' up calamari) and Bett

Ivy and Oli

me and Cin

Congrats, Matty!

happy Ashlyn

Mayu, Ivy, Wil, Ashlyn, me, Bett, Cin, and Sarah

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