Today Aric and I met up with Craig and Elaine for lunch in Union City. Craig's the only ex that continues to keep in touch. Other exs would remain friends until they got new girlfriends, then they'd disappear....which is understandable, I guess. Craig's been good to me through the years...always being open, fun, and offering support. This was my second time seeing Elaine, and I enjoyed getting to know her better. Not that Craig needs my approval in any way, but I like her, and am happy to see them so happy. =)

Ashlyn with Elaine, and "cool uncle Craig"

After lunch, Aric and I tried to get more Christmas shopping done. We hit up Best Buy, Circuit City, Good Guys, and Costco along the East Bay looking for a Mini Digital Camcorder for my parents. Then we headed over to Cin and Matty's for our Kris Kringle dinner. This year we didn't throw our notorious Christmas Party...and I was surprised to hear that some of our friends were disappointed. In years past, Bett, Cin, Ivy, Wil, and I (along with our fellas) would host a special Christmas Party for our close friends. Each year, the party grew more elaborate, as well as our guest list. Our Christmas Parties are famous for it's themes and embarrassing games. Last year we hit our pinnacle...having the party at Ivy's house, the theme was "Walk down the Red Carpet". Our guests were encouraged to wear something they would wear if they were to attend a red carpet event...such as an Oscars Award or MTV Award ceremony. Some dressed up in gowns ("Oooh, can I ask what you're wearing?") and others dressed funky. Here are some pics from last year's party:

Wil, Bett, me, Cin, and Ivy

Paul, Tony, and Erik

Anyhow, this year we have too much was going on, and we didn't have time to plan anything. So we just got together for a nice quiet dinner in Albany.

1133 Solano Avenue
Albany, CA 94706
Tel: (510) 525-8686
Fax: (510) 525-0675

The restaurant has vaulted ceilings, extensive wine selection, and a crisp airy ambiance. They have delicious appetizers such as Portabella Mushroom Fritters, Seared Ahi Tuna,
Canadian Rock Crab Cakes with Mango Sabayon, and Black Tiger Prawns "Martini". For entrees, they have Traditional Seafood Paella, Grilled Atlantic Salmon Fillet, Pan Roasted Maple Leaf Farm Duck Breast, Grilled Black Pepper New York Steak, Rare Ahi Tuna and Salmon Tempura, and Roasted Colorado Lamb Chops. We indulged in the THREE COURSE PRIX FIXE MENU, allowing us to sample many of their dishes.

me and Aric

Matty and Cin

Wil and Tony

Oli, Ivy, and Ashlyn

The whole group

Ashlyn couldn't have picked a more appropriate time to have an explosive diaper (places like this don't have changing tables in the restrooms)...and she couldn't have picked a more appropriate person the unload on (poor Oli). She also threw up on Byron, ruining his shirt. Oops, sorry. =P We hung out at Matty and Cin's afterward and did our Kris Kringle gift exchange. I got gift certificates for Southwest Airlines! COOL! Those will definitely come in handy when I'll be traveling back and forth come January.

Ashlyn's pic of the day

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