Ashlyn playing in the front yard

Today was a fun day. After Aric got back from school, we had a nice lunch at Oscar's and attempted to finish our Christmas shopping. Aside from a few people, we got most of it done. *whew!* What a relief! =)

This evening, we were invited to Ed's church banquet. Ed emceed the program so we wanted to give him our support. Brian and Grace drove down to offer their support as well. =)

Aric and I dropped Ashlyn off at Noah's Place (the church nursery) prior to dinner. It was our first time dropping her off at something like that, and didn't know how she would react. Naturally, I wasn't surprised when she went willingly. She didn't even bother to look back and wave goodbye. *sniff* HAHAHAHA!

The Winter Wonderment banquet was really nice. Dinner was good and the evening was full of entertainment....hip-hop dance routines put on by the youth ministry, musical acts, singing, games, and stand-up comedy.

Talk about parents with separation-anxiety....both Aric and I went to check up on Ashlyn at different times. HAHAHA! Since I used to volunteer at Noah's Place, I knew she was in good hands. But I was curious if she was playing nicely with the other kids. When I peeked in, she was playing by herself away from everyone else. I even caught her kissing her own reflection in the funny-mirror. *raise brow* That girl is too independent for her own good. =P
When the festivities ended, I went to pick her up...her eyes lit up as she excitedly grabbed my hand to lead me from one toy to the next. She was the only kid who DIDN't want to go! HAHAHAHA

The rest of the evening was spent hanging out at home with Brian, Grace, James, and Grace (and the lil' ones). I think everyone left around midnight. *YAWN!* Pooped!..G'nite!

Pictures from tonight:

Sue, Grace, Brian, and Aric at Newsong's Winter Wonderment banquet

me, Sue, and Grace

Ed and his co-emcee on stage

me and Aric

Lauren's cute new hairstyle

me and Baby Taylor

Grace, Brian, and Aric relaxing

me, Grace, and Lauren

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