Today I went to my old workplace to have lunch with my old co-workers. I really missed them, and it was good to see them again. They haven't changed a bit. They're hilarious! Eric greeted me in his "chinese" accent, as usual. When I used to work there, every morning, Eric would yell my name over the cube in his "chinese" accent. Of course, I would respond by saying something equally offensive...like, "go back to your trailer park". Then you have Chris, our token black friend, and it often got ugly. HAHAHAHAHA! We used to swear (a lot) and throw every racial/sexual remark in the book. I'm really surprised we didn't get written up for harassment. =P

Eric, me, and Chris

me, Steph, and Ashlyn

Aric flew in tonight, and I was really excited to see him. I missed him a lot, and worried that he was reduced to eating canned foods while I was gone. hehehe During my visit, Aric and I talked on the phone every night before bed. It almost felt like we were dating again. =)
We had dinner with my parents, my cousins, Wil, and Tony. Then we just kicked it at home and wrapped gifts. Aric really missed Ashlyn. After I had picked him up at the airport, and we met everyone at the restaurant, he made a beeline to his daughter....completely forgetting to say "HI" to my parents, or anyone else for that matter. In my family, not saying "HI" is considered rude, but my parents didn't mind...they understood, and found it endearing. =)

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