Happy Friday! This morning, Aric's cousin, Robert (and his wife, Karen) came over. Today is their last day in town before they head back to New York. They couldn't stay very long, but it was really nice of them to stop by and visit before their long flight. =)

Wing came over around noon. Grace and her lil' ones came over around the same time, and together we went to Marukai for lunch and shopping. Wing left shortly after lunch....lucky bastard's going to Vegas for the weekend! hehehehe
Grace and I spent the afternoon shopping. I was able to knock a few names off my Christmas list. YAY!

Every year, my close knit group of friends would draw a name and buy a gift for one person (since getting gifts for all gets kinda crazy and expensive). But this year we decided to forgo a gift exchange and have a nice dinner instead. Initially I felt relieved that we weren't going to do the gift thing, but now I feel weird and guilty buying gifts for other friends and not my closest ones. =/ Hmmm...

Speaking of gifts...Aric is spoiling Ashlyn again. Lil' girl got two pairs of shoes yesterday...a pair of Baby Jordan Jumpman and a pair of Nike Vince Carter's!
Peg: "Are these her Christmas gifts?"
Aric: "No."
Peg: "No?!"
Aric: *grinning* "We're getting her something else for Christmas...I've already ordered it."
Peg: "WHAT?!...that's too much!"
Aric: "Well, she needs more shoes."
Puh-leez!..to date, she's got as many pairs of shoes as I do! *shake head*

When Grace and I got back home, she kept me company while I prepared dinner. We swapped stories of how we met our husbands.
I love hearing how couples meet, fall in love, and get married. It must be the romantic in me....I find every story fascinating and sweet. Though the story of me and Aric is not particularly fascinating, I still think it's sweet. =)
For those who don't already know, Aric and I were long time friends...just friends...for about 8 years. We kept in touch through letters, phone calls, visits, and fraternity parties. hehehe
Back in the days before email, Aric was really good about keeping in touch via snail-mail. I was not so good....for every three letters he sent out, he would get one in return. =P
But I would visit him every time I was in town...unlike, he, who flaked on me (more than once, for Mitchell Brothers with his friends) whenever he was in town. HAHA! By '98, we started emailing and talking on the phone religiously...and slowly our friendship morphed into something more. At the time, it was a really scary time for the both of us. We didn't really know what to do, how to feel, or how to react. Do we want to risk our friendship? Is this wise? Help! HAHAHAHAHA! When we decided to go for it, the transition from 'friends' to 'dating' was another interesting journey. I saw a whole different side to Aric that I've never seen before. Obviously all turned out just fine. hehehe
Sometimes I looked back and am amazed at the timing and turn of events. I wonder the endless "what ifs" and smile at the outcome. I know wholeheartedly that Aric is my perfect mate. =)

Tonight Allen came over for dinner and to study with Aric. I made Capresi salad and spaghetti. It was yummay! I spent the evening playing with Ashlyn and watching TV while the guys studied.

Have a great weekend!

Pictures from today:

Robert, Karen, and Ashlyn


Ashlyn crying as Wing watches. hehehe

me and Ashlyn

Ashlyn's new Jumpman kicks

"cold" face again

close up!

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