I stayed at home today. The past few days have been kinda hectic, and after Ashlyn's crying bout last night, I thought we both needed a rest and some quiet time together. I'm sure all this running around tired her out. Besides, it's pretty cold out today. Actually, it's been pretty damn cold every day!...the evenings hitting high 30's -low 40's.
So I did some laundry, and tried to check email, but my mom's computer pretty slow. Not to mention, she's still using dial-up. =P

Wil and I had dinner with Wing. He's one of our very few friends that live really close by (just a few exits down). He took us to this quaint little Japanese place:

7130 Santa Teresa Boulevard
San Jose, CA 95139
Tel: (408) 972-0379
Fax: (408) 972-0329

Wing and Ashlyn

Afterwards, we hung out at Wing's....and while Wil made brownies, we looked at photographs on his big screen (via digital camera). We went through all of my snowtrip pictures, and all of Wing's HK and Macau pictures.

this is a picture of Wing's immaculate kitchen.

He has got to be the cleanest person I know. I'm pretty damn anal when it comes to cleaning and organizing, but Wing definitely blows me out of the water. Every single room in his place is so clean and nicely decorated. Wil and I even joked about the shadow boxes (with the colored sunflowers) he has hanging in his bathroom. Dude, you're so gay. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Kidding!...I'm only kidding! He's very straight...and single, tall, and good looking...just wanted to throw that out there. hehehe
Which reminds me, I think I'm going to remove the Dating Game from my site. All my guy friends are to chicken to join. *tsk* Hey, can't say that I never tried to help you out.

Wing and Ashlyn

Ashlyn's pic of the day....too cute!

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