Ashlyn and I spent a quiet day at home. I have so much to get done in the next seven days, but I woke up feeling the brunt of Ashlyn's cold....sore throat, heavy head, runny nose, cough, chills, a dull fever, and feeling achey all over. Totally sucks! *UGH!* =(
Ashlyn, on the other hand, is finally recovering from her cold and is back to her old self again.

I spent most of the day watching Ashlyn from the couch. I felt miserable....wishing someone could take care of me or just lend me a hand by watching Ashlyn so I could rest and get over this thing. But I have no one. I'm then consumed with guilt that Ashlyn, being as young as she is, had to spend most of the day playing with her toys alone. *sigh*
Occasionally, she would come over and smile, pull on my shirt, and kiss the couch. She really is a good sport. When I told her that "Mommy's feeling sick", she would cock her head and say "oh?"(in a questioning tone). I smiled, though I really felt like crying. Being sick makes me unusually sensitive and emotional.
Another thing that added to my somber mood today was a phone call from my mom. She had called bearing bad news: a close friend of our family's had just passed away. I was shocked since I last saw him in June, and he looked in good health and spirits. So so sad! *sniff* =(

Anyhow...later in the afternoon, I was caught off guard by a ring of the doorbell. I looked at the time (it was much too late for UPS to come by), and I wasn't expecting anybody.
When I opened the door, I was surprised to see Wing standing there! Homeboy drove down for the weekend! CRAZY!
Seeing him actually made me feel better. He noticed that I wasn't well when I hightailed it back to the couch after letting him in. He hung out for a couple of hours...played with Ashlyn and kept me company.

Tonight felt extra long and lonesome since Aric had a Department dinner to attend after work. He finally got home around 9pm. I didn't tell him how horrible I felt since the poor guy went through the same thing a couple of days ago...with work AND school, he didn't once complain. Nevertheless, he noticed and gave me a long soothing hug and a break from the baby the rest of the night.

I'm going to keep this journal short. I need sleep. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Wing chillin'

Ashlyn and Wing

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