Hey Neo! Heard you're back in town.
Have an extra fun day and don't do anything TOO crazy! HAHAHA! =)

Today Grace picked us up for lunch and errands in Garden Grove. Lauren got a haircut at this fancy schmancy Korean salon. I brought my camera, but left the battery in the charger at home. =P *Idiot!*
Lauren's haircut turned out really cute...it was a little shorter than anticipated, but after half an hour, I forgot how long her used to be.

We ate at the food court of Arayang Market, then picked up some groceries. I bought some wakame salad (that Aric and I love so much). It was $6.99 a pound which sounds pricey until you go to Mitsuwa and find out that they charge $13.99 a pound!!! GOOD LAWD! =O
We stopped off at California market to pick up those popping candies before heading home. No Christmas shopping today. By the time Grace dropped us off, it was after 4pm. When Grace and I hang out, I swear I don't know where the time goes...it just flies! =P

Tonight we met up with Aric's Aunt, Uncle, cousins, and his other cousin, Robert (who's visiting from New York). I never met Robert before so it was nice getting to know him. We ate at CPK at the Marketplace, then everyone came over to hang out a bit. Ashlyn (who's feeling much better today) was hamming it up for everyone. What else is new? hehehe

I got to talk to my girl, Ivy, on the phone tonight for a long time. It's always great catching up with her. =) I miss my girlfriends!

*YAWN!* Really tired....gonna try to go to bed eariler tonight.

Pictures from tonight:

Aric 's cousins- Robert, Jerry, and Alex at CPK

Alex, Aunt Judy, Jerry, and Uncle Andy

Robert, Ashlyn, and Aric

Ashlyn's new "tilt" wave


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