Today I spent the day with my older sister at the liquor store. Business was kinda slow. I think the entire time I was there, we only had a handful of customers. *bummer* It was kinda cool being there again...even though there was a time when that was the last place I'd rather be. I used to practically live there...working 12 hours shifts, and my meals would consist of Flamin' Hot Cheetos, beef jerky, and a liter of coke. =P
Anyhow, I hung out with Sis until it was time for me to meet Wil and the other girls for Girl's Nite.

me, Wil, Bett, Ashlyn, Ivy, and Cin

Ashlyn surrounded by all her "aunties"

Tonight we ate at CPK at Hillsdale Mall in San Mateo. As we talked, we concluded that we've been doing this about once every two weeks (sometimes, once a week) for the past five years! Each time we would spend an average of $18...wow, we easily spent like $2,000 on food! DAMN! *sigh* I miss Girls Nite. I often wished Aric and I lived up North, but Aric's job and school keeps us down South. Remember my random though a couple of weeks back... when I talked about how Aric's friends all live within a 10 mile radius? Well, we rarely see them. But my friends and I, who live about 40-45 miles apart, all manage to get together at least once a week. *hmph!* I think I'll have to start convincing Aric to move again. hehehe
As usual, we rant about work...or lack thereof (okay, not me, but everyone else), share stories, talk about our guys, and make fun of eachother. Ashlyn made her debut...her very first Girl's Nite...so conversation revolved around her for a bit. Afterwards, we walked around the mall and shopped a till it closed and we got booted from Nordstroms. I was a bit disappointed when the evening ended. WHAT?! No Starbucks?!...but everyone has to work tomorrow.

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