Wishing you a day free from stress and all that other bullshit you deal with everyday.
Take the day off...tell your boss I said it was okay...*HAHAHA*..and RELAX! Miss ya!


Hey good-lookin'!...hope your day brings all the wonderful things you deserve!

Today Ashlyn and I got out of the house for a little bit. We braved the craziness at the post office, had a yummy lunch at Oscar's, and hit up some of the shops at The Marketplace for some Christmas shopping.
The weather has been cooling down a lot...and since Ashlyn's nose continues to run and she's beginning to cough more...I got us home before it got too chilly.

Once again, shopping proved to be quite disappointing. *UGH!* I couldn't find anything for people I needed to buy gifts for....instead, I bought smaller items for people I already bought gifts for. =( I think next year, everyone in my family should just submit a wishlist. hehehe
At least I had a fun day with my babygirl! =)

After Aric got home from work, we went to Beverages and More and Trader Joe's.
Every year, we get his boss and the owners of his company a nice bottle of wine. We picked up some Orange Muscat and Petite Syrah....simple, yet tasteful. Funny thing happened as we went to pay for our purchases - WE GOT CARDED! HAHAHAHA! Wow...been a long while since that's happened! Kickass! =D

Aric and I grabbed dinner from Wendy's drive-thru so we could rush back in time for "Smallville" (Wendy's 99-cent menu ROCKS!). Once again, "Smallville" was a repeat. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it anyway. We watched the news, played with Ashlyn, put her to bed, then I sat down to finish up my Christmas cards.

Aric told me a funny story tonight. He told me that because Brian and Grace didn't get a chance to attend Lamaze class, Brian was inquiring about all the things he needed to prepare for before and after the birth. So Aric was going through the list of things...told him to pack a hospital bag, and listed off a bunch of medications and remedies for post-delivery, etc.
As Aric was talking, I was very impressed with all that he remembered
up to this point.
Aric said that Brian was intensely serious and hanging onto his every word:
Brian: "what else?"
Aric: "um...witch hazel, Tucks, sitz bath, flux capacitor.."
Brian: "what?"
Aric: "flux capacitor?"
Brian: "what is that?"
Aric: "WHAT?!...You don't know what a flux capacitor is?" *deep sigh*
Brian: *alarmed* "No...what is it?"
Aric: "Dude....." *prolonging the agony*
Brian: "what is it?!"
Aric: "you know, the thing from 'Back to the Future'?
*long pause*
Brian: "dick!"
Aric: *chuckling*
HAHAHAHAHA! It's so like Aric to mess with his friend during a time like this. Brian knows better than to take Aric so seriously. But it's crunch-time, and they (along with Ed and Sue) are expecting their baby any day now. EXCITING!

I'm pretty convinced that I caught what Ashlyn has...while I was writing cards, my nose started dripping/running badly. Aric joined me at the dining table an hour later with the same problem. Uh oh! =(

Better get to bed...it's late! I think I get to bed around the same time as Sonny these days! *Zoiks!* =/

Aric trying to change Ashlyn into her pjs

here's a new style...Gap should totally make a one-shouldered onesie! HAHAHA!

Ashlyn having fun

a Fashion "DON'T"! hehehe

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