How cool is that?!..sharing the same birth day with a friend. Twin souls~both happy, special, and sweet. Wishing you guys nothing but joy and happiness today and always!
I mishoo guys!

(May and Sarah -February 2002)

Today was a quiet day. I was going to get some more Christmas shopping done, but Ashlyn had caught a cold over the weekend and was a bit cranky. She's coughing, her nose is congested and runny, and her breathing is a bit raspy. I can tell that she's uncomfortable...she's easily frustrated while playing with her toys, and the way she rubs her face, and because she extra clingy today. Poor thing. =(
She took an extra long nap, and afterwards, she was in better spirits. I took a bunch of pictures of her playing. It's been a while since we had one of these photo sessions. It was really cute because she's finally figuring out what I'm doing with the camera...and after every set of pictures, she'll walk over to check them out on the LCD display. HAHAHAHA!

Aric and I had a nice dinner at home. I made soup with salmon and we ate it with oniguri balls we bought at the market. It was simple and light...made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. hehehe
We watched "Fear Factor". For the eating-challenge tonight, they served up reindeer testicles and Thousand Year Old Egg-nog. I wouldn't have a problem with that one, since I like Thousand Year Old Egg. But I know that I could never go on "Fear Factor" as a contestant. I don't mind water-challenges, but I have a huge fear of heights, and I probably couldn't get myself to eat Madagascar cockroaches or other creepy-crawlies. Oh, and that one episode where the contestants had to strip down butt-nekkid and walk the cat-walk. *shake head vigerously* OH HELL NAW!

I watched parts of "Everwood", "Everyone Loves Raymond", "Juice", and "Monster Garage" while I wrote out my Christmas cards. I got more than half done before calling it a night! WOO-HOO! *pat self on back* It was a lot too! =)
While watching "Juice", I caught myself singing/rapping/humming along with the soundtrack. Funny how you can't forget certain things. I love 80's music...it makes me happy, but early '90's music brings back memories of my carefree-naive-youth-gone-wild-days. =D

I hope Sarah had fun at her birthday dinner tonight. I wished I could've been there...it would have been a great opportunity to try out Roy's in SF. =)
And I'm sure May's honey, Gregg, whipped up something special for her in Hawaii as well.

I'm gonna try to hit the sack early tonight. Feeling kinda tired...perhaps I'm coming down with something too. Hope not. My mouth is dry and icky from licking all those envelopes. =(
Sleep tight!

Pictures from today:

Ashlyn being goofy


"scared" face! HAHAHAHA!



whatta dare-devil!

"cold" face! HAHAHAHAHA!

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