HAPPY BIRTHDAY to SARAH & MAY! Wishing you both a glorious day!...ooh, that rhymed. hehehe

Sarah and May in HK...forget the peace-sign. Three and fours are better!

This morning I woke up and looked out the huge picture window from my loft, and it was snowing outside:

It's not a sight I see very often, so it made me feel oddly giddy and childish inside. Apparently I was not the only one admiring the snowfall...people downstairs were checking it out too. Then all of a sudden, I hear, "Aw, man! Someone vandalized our snowman!" Damn!...I knew it. Expecting to see 'Aunt Jemima' decapitated, I went downstairs to check it out. When I looked, there seemed to be nothing wrong with her. Then Pete pointed out that someone had pee-ed on her. I looked closer, and sure enough, poor 'Aunt Jemima' has a yellow stain on her dress. As we were staring, the dog next door came into our yard...looked at us, and did his thing on 'Aunt Jemima'! HAHAHAHAHA!

caught the culprit

Check out was 11:30am, so after breakfast we were busy cleaning and packing up. Once the cars were packed, we decided to play in the snow. A bunch of us worked on building a wall around 'Aunt Jemima'. I don't know how it got started, but a snowball fight broke out between me, Aaron, and Ivy. Ivy was smart, and used the wall as her shield. I got tagged in the stomache and boob by Aaron. OH, IT'S ON!!!! Aaron didn't play nice. I barely packed my snowballs...so when I threw them, it pretty much fell apart. Aaron packed his like a rock! *meanie!* Everyone gave him hell for it., and he felt so bad. I'm sure I could milk sympathy from him for the next few months or so. hehehehe Others found sleds in the garage, so they got busy making a hill to slide down from.

Oli, Wil, and Tony making a hill

Tally, Julia, me, and Bett

The whole group

Ivy and Oli...the whole reason why we got together for this trip

On the way back to SF, we stopped off at Lyon's in Auburn for lunch. Since the guys lost at the game of Taboo last night, lunch was their treat. When it's their treat, we don't hold back. Most of us ordered prime rib. HAHAHAHA! But I gotta tell ya, prime rib at a diner is not very tasty. =/

I had such a wonderful and relaxing time on the snow trip, but I was really happy to get home to Ashlyn. My parents said she was a pleasure to watch and that she was no trouble at all. They may say that, but while we were watching Discovery's "Walking with Prehistoric Beasts", both my parents were dozing off...and it was only 8pm! HAHAHAHA!

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