our cabin

Today Wil, Tony, Ivy, Paul, Julia, and I headed up to Truckee early. We needed to check in and pick up the keys to our cabin. The cabin's SWEEEEET!...four bedrooms and roomy loft area (sleeps about 16 people comfortably), three full baths, nice kitchen, huge dining area, and cozy living room. The decor is pretty nice, too...not too outdated. We just ate dinner and relaxed after the long car ride. Tony started up the fireplace and in no time, the cabin was nice and toasty.

Wil and Tony

Julia and Paul

Tony working on the fire

The rest of the group pulled in around midnight...since most of them had to work. After everyone got settled, they pretty much went straight to bed. They all had to get up real early for snowboarding. Since Cin and I didn't have to get up that early, we stayed up to chat. =)

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