Hope that your day is full of happiness, love, and special memories! *hugs*

Happy Friday! Today Ashlyn, Wing, and I met with Grace and her friend, Tina, for lunch in Garden Grove. We ate at Light Town House on Garden Grove Boulevard. Today will be my last lunch with Wing before he heads back home on Sunday. *sniff* I kinda got used to having the goofy guy around everyday. =(
Lunch at Light Town House was great. Plus it always helps to go to a Korean restaurant with a Korean. I don't know what it is but you just get better service and more panchan (lil' dishes). Of all the Korean restaurants in Northern Cal, the best ones still don't compare to the ones in Garden Grove. I think Wing really enjoyed it.

Afterwards, Grace, Wing, and I shopped for groceries at California Market. Wing and I got these really cool packets of "popping" candy. It's similar to PopRocks, but they're a Korean brand...and supercharged! We ate them in the car during the drive back home, and they were literally exploding out of my mouth! Wing and I got such a big kick out of 'em that we barely noticed the traffic. hehehehe

James, Grace, Lauren, and Taylor came over tonight for dinner. We made pizzas. *Mmmm!* I prepped all the toppings and James, Aric, and Grace got creative making their own style of pizza. Aric's pizza was a bit of a heart-attack...his had so much cheese, you couldn't see any other toppings on it. James' was light...sparse on the cheese and toppings, but the jalapenos were kickin' on that thing! Grace's pizza was the motherlode of all pizzas!...she tried to use up the remainder of the toppings (as not to be wasteful) and it took twice as long to bake. By the time, Grace's pizza was done, we were all pretty much full, but each ate a slice anyway. =P

Ashlyn, Lauren, and Taylor had a fun time playing. I brought out Ashlyn's old MegaSaucer for Taylor, and she sat quietly for a really long time in (awe of her surroundings and the toys)...just absorbing everything. It's an ingenious contraption! Ashlyn just loved the MegaSaucer!...handsdown, it was the best gift we ever got!
James, Grace, Lauren, and Taylor hung out until past 1am.

Ashlyn turned 14 months today. My observations this month? Hmmmm...it's getting harder to tell. Her vocabulary hasn't increased much, but her cognitive skills have. She seems to understand the things that happen around her and acknowledges our routines. Mentally, she is progressing at a rapid rate. Emotionally, she is very independent...but she is starting to become more affectionate. She's hugging, kissing, and blowing kisses more. =D Physically, she's an animal!...she's strong as an ox, more curious than a monkey, and takes risks like a lemming. She loves to climb, jump, bounce, dance, "sing", laugh, and "act". She does the "cold" face on command or when she's trying to get your attention. Her diet has changed too...she doesn't eat quite as much as she used to, nor does she take much interest in food. =T She rather play than eat. She rather play than sleep. Putting her down to bed takes much longer now. *sigh* She hasn't sprouted any new teeth in the past month. AND I'm still waiting for her hair to grow in! What a late bloomer! hehehe We LOVE her so much! =)

Alrighty... it's super late! G'Nite! Have a great weekend!

Pictures from today:

Baby Taylor and Grace


Ashlyn enjoying her first lollipop

Tina and Taylor

Emily and Wing

Wing, me, and Ashlyn


Lauren, Laa Laa, and Po

Taylor havin' fun in Ashlyn's (retired) MegaSaucer

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