An email I received from an old friend yesterday is bugging me. He said, "I'm not quite sure what's up with you (aside from the daily monotony I gather from the website)..".
I realize my life may not seem exciting to some, and it is definitely different than before, but I never claimed to be a wild and crazy jet-setter. To me, life is a series of changes. Yes, I agree that feedings and diaper changes are monotonous, but caring for Ashlyn and watching her grow and develop makes me happy...completely and utterly happy. If I compare it to my position at my last job, this is far more exciting, challenging, and rewarding. Each day is different than the next. Everyone's life takes it's own path, at it's own time...and this is what consumes my life at the moment. Deal with it. Okay, enough...I'm getting off my soapbox now. Am I bitter? No. But I am hurt by that comment, along with other things that were said in the email. *deep sigh*

Ashlyn's pic of the day

My sweet babydoll is two months old today! She looks nothing like her pictures from her first month. She's definitely chubbed out a lot. So what have I noticed about her this past month? She smiles a lot now. She started to drool. She coos and gurgles when you interact with her. She is very fiesty and knows exactly what she wants, when she wants it. She flirts with her eyes...and her eating and sleeping patterns have become more consistent. I absolutely adore her!

Anyhow, I'm leaving for the airport soon. Try not to miss me too much. hehehe Updates upon return.

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