Today Ashlyn, Wing, and I met with Emily for lunch. She took us to Inka Mama (a Peruvian restaurant). The restaurant is very similar to Inka Grill...which I found out later that the owners are related. Emily and I both ordered the Tallarin Salsa Verde Bisteck Apanado (beef) while Wing ordered something similar with chicken. Lunch was exceptionally yummy, but with the large portions they gave, I could only eat less than half!
Afterwards, we went back to Emily's work and browsed through the employee store. I picked up a Soft Vault for my sunglasses, some goodies for Aric, and a few items as X-mas gifts.

Speaking of X-mas, I'm stressing over the whole shopping thing. First of all, I don't have much time to shop. Secondly, I don't know what the heck anyone needs or wants...it seems like everyone I know already HAS everything they could possibly need or want. Although Matty would beg to differ. *roll eyes* Lastly, the gesture of gift-giving has escalated to the point that if you don't spend an arm-n-leg, then it's junk (NOT THAT I SHARE THOSE SENTIMENTS). *sigh* Here...just take my damn wallet. =P
I also have to shop for a bunch of Aric's co-workers. Last year was pretty tough. I mean, shopping is difficult enough, let alone shopping for people you don't know. So this year I refused. I'm going to make something...everyone gets the same...and hopefully they would find "home-made" gifts a refreshing change. =)

Wing and I stopped off at Tapioca Express on the way home for boba. I wanted to meet with Grace to go shopping, but I didn't want to subject Wing to another trip to South Coast Plaza. So we spent the rest of the afternoon chillin' at home.

Rob and Brooke came over to visit tonight. We haven't seen them since August. They brought take out from Oscar's for dinner. It was the first night (since Sunday) that Aric and I had a chance to eat dinner together. He's been soooooo busy lately. It was great hanging out and catching up with Rob and Brooke. =D

Gonna keep this short...I'm going to finally respond to some old emails and empty out my inbox. I also want to start on my Christmas cards and other correspondence. Goodnight!

Pictures from today:

Wing and Emily at lunch

me and Ashlyn

Ashlyn at lunch (she's been doing her "cold" face a lot lately). hehehe


Rob, Brooke, and Ashlyn

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