Today I was busy doing laundry, cleaning house, and packing for my trip. My suitcase is heavy...full of bulky clothes to venture the cold of Northern Cal weather and the snowtrip. On average, Ashlyn has about three outfit changes a day, so heck...I pretty much packed ALL of her clothes into a separate suitcase. I really don't know how I'm going to manage two big bags, an infant car seat, and stroller all alone. Ashlyn's diaper bag is a monster all by itself! It's a good thing Aric will be joining us the following weekend, so I won't have to lug all that stuff back by myself.


My girlfriends back at home are fiercely protective of me, so when I started talking about my new friend, Glenda, they teased me about feeling "replaced". And as curious as most girlfriends are..they wanted to "check her out". So here she is. Glenda's great, but don't worry...I gots enough love for all of y'all. =)
Glenda came over tonight, and we met up with Wey and Sue for dinner at Red Robin.

Then they all came over to hang out and have apple pie. After everyone left, I gave Ashlyn a bath, fed her, and tucked her into bed, before I ran around gathering last minute items. I still have this nagging feeling like I'm forgetting something....hmmm, oh well. I asked Aric if he'll miss us while we're gone.
Aric: "Of course. Besides, I'll be there in a week."
Peg: "Yeah, but are you sure you're going to be okay all by yourself?"
Aric: *reassuringly* "Yeah".

Alrighty...just be sure the lap-dancing girls don't leave the house a mess after they're done. *raise eyebrow*

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