Wing finally came to his senses and decided not to run over to my house today....instead Ashlyn and I picked him up and we went to lunch at Elephant Bar. The first time I went to Elephant Bar was in '96 with Bett, Ivy, and Cin in Santa Barbara. I thought it was the coolest restaurant (with it's jungle theme, grand faux elephant tusks, and revolving woven fans on the ceilings). I had such fond memories of the restaurant. Nowadays, it's just...eh, aiight.
It's sad how quickly certain restaurants and stores lose their novelty. I remember when Sizzlers was the bomb place to go. So I wonder....did these places change or did I? My last Sizzlers experience was rather weak. The garlic toast didn't taste the same and the steak was dry. =T

Lunch was pretty good. I had the BLT combo with a garden salad, Wing had the Cajun pot-roast, and we shared a Soy-Ginger Calamari appetizer. The prices were very reasonable too. After lunch, we ran some errands, walked around, then headed back home.
Wing took a nap while Ashlyn and I watched "Ice Age" on DVD. Toward the end of "Ice Age", both Ashlyn and I fell asleep. Emily was sitting on the sofa when I woke up half an hour later. Boy, what a treat it was to be able to nap!...I haven't done that in a long time. =)

Tonight was "build-your-own pizza" nite. Emily and I made a pepperoni pizza with fresh tomatoes, onions, spinach, and a whole lotta mushrooms and cheese. Wing got creative and made a chicken pesto pizza with fresh basil, peppers, mushrooms, and lotsa cheese too! Though we bought thin-crust boboli, Wing's pizza looked super thick!...like a deep dish! HAHAHA! Dinner was yummy!

We sat around the table, ate fruit, and talked. I was burning this thick candle (that I've had for like, evers, now)...it's vanilla scented with tiny twigs and rose petals inside. That thing kept burning itself out because the wax had nowhere to go. It was kind of a waste since there was still much candle left. I thought I was being clever by drilling a tiny hole for the wax to drip out. Five minutes later, I looked over and the flame was pratically jumping out of the candle! That thing was burning FAST and WILD! Candle wax ran over the edge of the holder and wax was spilling onto the dining table. =O *Zoiks!*
I finally got it under control...sorta. Serves me right for trying to be a pyro-maniacal MacGuyver. =P hehehe

Emily and Wing left around 9pm. Ashlyn and I watched "Prime Time's Whitney Houston interview". Then I put Ashlyn down to bed and jumped in the shower. Aric got home from school around 10:30. He's been so busy with school and work lately...I don't think I've eaten a single meal with him in the past three days! *sigh* I miss him.
I really have to thank Emily and Wing for keeping me company the last few nights. They're such wonderful and caring friends! THANKS! *YAWN*...pretty pooped! G'nite!

Pictures from today:

Wing at lunch



pizza! *Yum!*

Ashlyn wearing Emily's vest

Emily and Wing

"Hey little girl, you want some fruit???" hehehe
I know this picture looks bad, but it was so funny at the time.

Emily, me, and Ashlyn

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