...and more zzzzzzzzz.
Ashlyn's pics of the day

Ashlyn slept a lot today...allowing me to get some stuff done around the house and respond to some of my email correspondence. When Aric got home, we ran some errands and did some more shopping. PEG GOT MORE LOOT! =D Although I told Aric that Wil offered to lend me a ski jacket for the snow trip, he bought one for me anyhow. Oh yeah, baby...I'll be looking sharp on the slopes! hehehehe Actually, while everyone will be boarding on the trip, Cin and I will most likely be kicking it by the fireplace, sippin' our hot cocoa, and being lodge bunnies. I'm not much of a skier, since falling off a ski lift at age nine. It wasn't a huge fall...about 20 feet or so...but enough to knock the wind out of me and traumatize me till this day. That, and horseback riding. I almost got bucked off of one on a summer family trip. I think I was also nine years old then....damn, that was a rough year for me. =T

After shopping, we had dinner at Aric's mom's place, then stopped off at Tapioca Express on the way home. I haven't had a boba tea since the "choking incident" at Ed's. This time I sipped carefully. Gawd, I'm such a moron...I've got all these trepidations. I need to live in a bubble!

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