Unlike yesterday, today was much more eventful. Wing came over today...he ran over again, and though he didn't look quite as flushed as he did yesterday, he did complain of nausea. =P That guy's crazy, I tell ya!
Anyhow, since he vegged at home with me all day yesterday, I had planned an exciting day for him. Wouldn't want him to say that I never took him out, ya know? hehehehe
I took Wing to Hooter's in Newport Beach for lunch. I've never been there and always think of Adam Sandler (in "Big Daddy") whenever I hear that word *chuckle*...but I thought it might be something Wing would enjoy. =)

When we got there, we discovered that it wasn't opened to the public yet. They had closed for a couple months for remodeling and wasn't due to open until tomorrow. Nevertheless, the parking lot was full and there were plenty of people eating inside. The VERY chesty hostess had invited us in to be VIGPs (very important guinea pigs). It's usually by "invitation only", but they welcomed us anyway. We got to order appetizers and/or seafood platter, two entrees, drinks (including available drafts), and dessert for free!!! Score!
We had a really good time, even though I found it difficult to divert my eyes away from everyone's boobs. =P hehehehe

2406 Newport Blvd
Newport Beach, CA 92663
Tel: (949) 723-5800

Ashlyn got a lot of attention. Almost every waitress came around, bent over, and "oooh-ed and aaah-ed" over the baby. Wing was quite the happy camper. *Giggle* As we left, Wing picked Ashlyn up and said, "Next time I'm only going to bring YOU to Hooter's". HAHAHAHA!

I took Wing to Fun Zone at Newport Beach. It was a gorgeous day and we checked out the Fun Zone, took the ferry across to Balboa Island, walked along the the beach-front homes, talked, had frozen bananas, and rode the ferry back. I got my exercise for the day!...we walked the the entire island in the span of an hour. Afterwards we came home and rested.

Aric had to meet with his study group again and didn't come home for dinner. Emily came over after work and we all went over to South Coast Plaza to return/exchange things and shop. Ashlyn got some new clothes and a nice toasty jacket from Baby Gap, and I picked up a pair of Chelsea jeans from Abercombie for myself. =) We left as the mall closed and went to Yu's Garden for dinner.

I missed "Smallville" tonight. =( I guess I'll have to catch it on Sunday. Last week they didn't show a preview of this weeks episode. Hmmmm, I wonder what it was about. Anyone know? Dina, did you catch it?

Aric got home after 11pm. Ashlyn was just about to go down, but her head popped up when Aric walked into the room. She was so excited and happy and wouldn't go back to bed. Aric played with her for a bit, then tucked her in. Ashlyn's quite the precocious kid. I know I don't talk about her as often these days, but everyday she's learning and exhibiting newfound growth and maturity. It's really amazing! Her personality is more solid and we enjoy what we see. She is has a great sense of humor, she's strong and resilient...brushing off falls and bumps like it ain't no thang, she's very independent, she's tolerant and patient, and is oh-so-sweet! =D We love her to death!

Alrighty...it's super late now. Gotta go to bed. Nitey-nite!

Pictures from today:

Wing at Hooters

enjoying my steamed clam platter!

Ashlyn with a Hooter's waitress (gratuitous booby shot). hehehe

Hooter Girls singing for Wing and Ashlyn

Wing and Ashlyn

Newport Beach

riding the ferry to Balboa Island

Wing relaxing at home

me and my lil' monkey

Ashlyn playing and doing her "cold" face. HAHAHAHA!

Emily, Wing (trying to eat Ashlyn's hand), and Ashlyn

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