I woke up to the sound of pouring rain...(don't worry, I'm not going break out singing "I Remember you" by Skid Row...sheesh!) I waited till the rain died down before going out. Ashlyn and I went shopping today. We didn't have enough time yesterday, and I wanted to check stuff out at my leisure. Besides, the stores aren't quite as crowded on the weekdays. Once again, I didn't get any Christmas shopping done...instead, I bought myself some clothes, and a cute fleece beanie for my snowtrip this weekend. I also got brave and bought a pair of denim hip-huggers. *yikes!* They fit fine, except I won't be able to complete the ensemble with a cute midriff (HA-HA), since my tummy is not as tight as it used to be. I'm 8lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight...not bad for someone who gained 40lbs during her pregnancy. Well, this will definitely be incentive to do extra sit-ups. Anyhow, I modeled them for Aric when he got home, and he nodded with approval. I trust him to tell me if I have no business wearing hipsters...he's honest like that. Then, I made him guess how much I paid for all my purchases. hehehehe

If you haven't noticed already, I noted on the bulletin board that I'll be gone for 11 days. I'm heading up North for Ivy and Oli's snowtrip this weekend...and I'm staying up there the week following. It'll allow Aric some time to study for his finals, and catch up on his guy stuff...like play Half-Life/Counter-Strike with Ed and Wey. It will also allow me time to help Ivy with wedding stuff, get fitted for my bridesmaid dress, and visit with other friends that I didn't get to see during Thanksgiving. So no updates during that time...but I'm sure I'll be back with lots of pictures, and backload everything.

Today Ashlyn was such a good girl! Going out with her is becoming easier. I think I'm getting the hang of this.

Ashlyn's pics of the day

She was in such a happy mood....just look at her chinky eyes! I swear, she's looking more and more like her dad every day!

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