Today was a pretty mellow day. Didn't do anything except a couple of loads of laundry and spent the rest of the day watching TV and "K-19 The Widowmaker" on DVD, and hanging out with Wing.
Oh, check this out...Wing, being the crazed fitness buff that he is, ran over here like Forrest Gump from Emily's house. Granted, she only lives 3 and half miles away...but we live on a hill, and that hill is not easy to conquer on a bike, let alone by foot! But Homeboy did it in 35 minutes. Wow...Not bad!

Aric met with his study group tonight and couldn't make it home in time for dinner...so I cooked for Wing and Emily. I made pumpkin soup again with baked salmon and garlic spinach. We watched "Fear Factor", which was an interesting one. They had an Asian girl on who made it to the finals, but didn't win. One of the tasks was to drink a raw ostrich egg, and I was getting queasy just watching them. I mean, that thing was HUGE! They said that one of those eggs could make an omlette for 10 people!!! =O *Gag!*

Aric got home shortly after (with Allen). Ashlyn was sooooooo happy to see her daddy. She just wouldn't leave him alone. I fixed the guys a plate of food then took Ashlyn upstairs for bed. The fellas stayed up really late working on their paper. I don't even remember what time they got done since I retired upstairs earlier. I wasn't feeling too great tonight...had some weird stomach cramps. =(

Pictures from today:

Wing, Ashlyn, and Emily

Emily, Ashlyn, and me

Ashlyn playing

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