Wow!...I can't believe it's December already!


(my cousin, Stella, with her daughter Emily)
Also...HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Steve and Charlotte!

House2Home is closing in Irvine. I remember going to their grand opening in June. Hmmm, I suppose some businesses ARE affected by the economy here. So last night, Aric, Ed, Sue, and I went to see if they had any good deals on gas logs. Aric has always wanted gas logs, but those can get pretty pricey. I had suggested the fireplace votive rack as another alternative. They're cheaper, they emit a nice glow, and the scent of the candles doubles as a room freshener. *smile* But I guess he wasn't down for that...Aric wants the real deal. After both guys picked up a gas log set, we went to Houston's for a late dinner.

Ed, Sue, and Ashlyn

me and Aric

2991 Michelson Drive
Irvine, CA 92612
Tel: (949) 833-0977
FAX: (949) 833-0877

Houston's decor consists of muted lights and deep booths. The menu features a cuisine of distinctively straight-forward, made-from-scratch, American favorites...such as Oven-Roasted Chicken, Seared Rare Ahi Tuna, Crusted Prime Rib Roast, Grilled Atlantic Salmon, along with a variety of mouth watering salads and burgers. Mmmmmm!

Afterwards, we took a drive down to Laguna Beach, hoping to walk off our late meal...but it was so damn chilly!!! It made our noses feel icy, and I was really worried for the baby, so we headed back to our place. Aric had to study, so Ed offered to install our gas logs for us. After a couple hours, we were all sitting in front of the fireplace getting warm. I suppose my fireplace votive rack wouldn't be able to do that. *pout*

Before going to sleep last night...
Peg: "I feel bad that Ed and Sue paid for dinner tonight. Had I known, I wouldn't have ordered the prime rib."
Aric: "Dang...I know. Why did you order that?"
*shot glaring eyes at my husband*
Peg: "because you told me to!!!"
Aric: "oh, I did?..are you sure?
Peg: "YES!!!!!"
Aric: *laughing*
I hate when he does that.

Today, we're visiting Aric's mom, and tonight...maybe hang out with Ed & Sue. Yeah, we can't get enough of them. They give me a break from Ashlyn. From the time we see them, till the time we leave, both Ed and Sue fight over who gets to hold her (as I'm sure you can tell from many of my pictures). They're so good with her. I think they should start a family of their own. =)

YAY! I'm so glad we haven't lost our internet connection yet. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

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