Today was a lazy Saturday. Aric, Ashlyn, and I got up late, had brunch, and hung around the house. Aric and I cleaned up the backyard a bit... the recent windy conditions blew in a lot of leaves and random trash. I found a bunch of loose newspapers in the yard and we don't even subscribe for the paper. =/
I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up, doing laundry, and preparing a fruit platter to take over to Ed's.

Brian and Grace drove down. They brought a carload of gifts (from their baby shower) to return. Being the veteran parents we are *chuckle*, we gladly accompanied them to Babies "R" Us to return/exchange their loot. GAWD...they had A LOT of stuff! After returning everything, they had over $500 in credit to spend!!! We went down every aisle picking out the basic necessities, then walked around picking out the not-so-necessary must-haves. =)

Afterwards we went over to Ed and Sue's for dinner. Sue already had two baby showers..thrown by different groups of friends. The sad thing was, none of us "regular" friends were invited. So after much harassment and convincing, Ed whipped up a small dinner party so we could shower them with gifts. hehehehe

They prepared a delicious shabu-shabu for dinner for us, and we enjoyed the rest of the evening talking and playing games. We played "Taboo" and "Cranium". Girls being more descriptive and verbose won at the game of "Taboo"...but the fellas won at "Cranium". Both were very close games (winning by one point in each game). Before I knew it, it was a little after 1am. Ashlyn had already fell asleep around midnight (which was still late for her).

Brian and Grace drove us back...and while Aric and Brian hung out to talk some more, I changed Ashlyn into her pjs as Grace watched. Ashlyn was really unhappy being roused from her sleep during the changing. =P I'm sure she wouldn't mind sleeping in her regular clothes....but strangely, I have a problem with it. I think it's because when I was a kid I hated waking up in regular clothes. It didn't happen very often...but on rare occasions, if I fell asleep watching TV, my dad would just carry me to my room and tuck me in. That was when I was little. When I got older, my parents would just leave me in the living room and bring out my blanket. I would wake up the next day feeling all disoriented and yucky. Come to think of it, I hated anything that deviated from my regular routine. Yeah, I was a weird kid...early indications of obsessive-compulsive behavior. HAHAHAHA

Well, it's almost 3am....better got to bed. 'G'Nite! =D

Pictures from today:

Grace helping Ashlyn play "pat-a-cake" with Lauren


Baby Taylor smiling!

hungry Brian

Grace, Lauren, Sue, Grace, Brian, Aric, Ashlyn, Ed, Bernie, Holly, and James
sitting down to dinner

Bernie and Taylor

Grace and Brian

James, Bernie, and Ashlyn

Ed and Sue opening shower gifts

Ashlyn and Lauren bum-rushing the new toys! hehehehe

sleepy Taylor

me and Aric

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