Other than a lingering cough, I'm pretty much over my cold. I spent the last couple of days keeping warm and resting up. I haven't been up to much lately so there's not much to update on...but since our internet connection might be temporarily interrupted for an unspecified amount of time (Cox Communications @Home Service), I felt the need to post something. It sucks that Excite@Home went under. That means Aric will lose his webpage...along with Josh. *bummer* But it's not like either of them have been actively updating. *hint-hint* =)

I know that I dedicate a lot of journal space thanking my family and friends on everything they do, that I rarely express how much I appreciate what a great guy Aric is. He's really terrific! Our Lamaze instructor once asked us in class to name a quality or trait, in our partner, that we would like to see in our child. I said that I hope our child inherits Aric's selflessness. It's true...he is the most generous and sincere guy I know. Funny, too...if you like sarcastic and witty humor. His long work days and hectic school curriculum is enough to turn anyone into a moody bastard, but he always comes home in good spirits. Our roles at home are not clearly defined...and although I aspire to be the June Cleaver of the household, I have yet to be. We share cooking and cleaning duties equally. And as of late, he's been doing much more than I have. I really appreciate that! With all that he has on his plate, he handles everything with ease. I know if it were me, I'd be ripping my hair out! =O

Random thought: Last night I had dinner with Ed and Sue...and we bumped into Jeff and Toshi at the restaurant. It still trips me out that all of Aric's friends live within a ten mile radius of one another. Back at home, my friends and I are all spread out...San Jose, San Francisco, Berkeley, Millbrae, etc. Hmmmm.

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