This morning we got up and got ready to meet Aric's family for Thanksgiving lunch. The drive down to El Monte was pretty nice...not many cars on the road. For lunch, Aric, Ashlyn, Patrick, my father-in-law, Netty, and my father-in-law's friends went to the Focus/Ranch 99 Plaza in San Gabriel. What looked like the rest of the Asian population was also there. That place was pretty packed!
Thanksgiving, to me, is just an excuse to get together with loved ones and stuff yourself to the gills. It doesn't really matter to me what we eat or where...although Aric says that it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without the traditional Turkey dinner with all the trimmings. *shrug* I suppose. =T
We ate at a little Taiwanese restaurant for lunch, then walked around the plaza, bought snacks and li-hing slushies at Champion, and briefly watched the outdoor fashion show being held at the plaza. We went back to my father-in-law's place for a bit, then headed home.

We got back with just enough time to change Ashlyn, load the car with desserts, a cheese platter, and a fruit platter and went over to Yvonne's parents' place. Luckily for us, they only live ten minutes away. =)

Dinner at Yvonne's parents' house was wonderful! Yvonne and her mom spent the day cooking up a storm. We started off with crudites, appetizers, and wine. I didn't think I would have room for dinner until we sat down and I saw the generous spread...after that, I decided to "make" room. =D Everything tasted GREAT!...AND I even had room for dessert!!! HAHAHA! We spent a nice warm and cozy evening talking, playing with Ashlyn, Pepper, and Mocha, and having fun.
Around 9pm, food coma started kickin' in so Aric, Ashlyn, and I went home. It had started raining tonight, and the outside air smelled of Christmas. The peacefully abandoned streets had a glossy shine. I sat mesmerized by the different lights reflecting off of it. My tummy was full and I was feeling happy and content inside.

After we got back, we put Ashlyn down to bed (she was really tired), and Aric and I spent the evening hanging out, talking, and downloading music from the internet. hehehe =P

I have so much to be thankful for....I don't even know where to begin. So here's a list (and not in any particular order). I AM THANKFUL FOR:
my husband- whose love, strength, friendship, encouragement, and support keeps me real.
my precious babygirl- who brings me so much joy and makes me strive to be a better person.
my parents- who continues to love and watch over me.
my sisters- whom are two of the most amazing gals I know.
my brother-in-laws- because they ROCK!!!
my in-laws- whom have embraced me as one of their own from the very beginning.
my girlfriends- whom are more than just friends...they're like family.
my friends- whom are all good peoples and contribute to shaping the person I have become.
my health, a cozy home, food, clothes on my back, a warm bed, a car that doesn't need a running push to get started, and for all the luxuries that we could easily do without. =)

Pictures from today:

Aric, Patrick, and my father-in-law

father-in-law's friends, Ashlyn, and Netty

me and Aric

crowded plaza

Ashlyn's 2nd Thanksgiving

Mike, Tony, and Aric

me and Wil

What is wrong with this picture? hehehe

Aric, Ashlyn, and our Thanksgiving feast!

the delicate art of turkey-carving

Mike and Yvonne with their parents

Wil, Mike, Yvonne, me, Aric, Ashlyn, and Tony

Mocha, Yvonne, Pepper, Mike, and Ashlyn

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