(Juana and her lil' girl, Megan -August 2002)
May this day smile upon you and bring you love, laughter, and wonderful surprises!

Today was a nice warm and breezy day. The winds are dying down a bit...at least they have where I live. Wil and Tony are in town, so Ashlyn and I met them at Jennifer and Sunny's place in Rowland Heights. Jennifer just gave birth to healthy twin boys last Saturday...and we've been dying to see them!

It took me a little over an hour to get over there!...I was stuck in the midst of holiday traffic. I should have known...*sigh* =/ I finally got around to buying a Thomas Guide and I've been summoning up the courage to venture out more by myself. There are just too many damn freeways in Southern Cal!

It was so good to see Jennifer and Sunny again. I think the last time I saw them was at their wedding. Jennifer and the twins are doing great. Baby Caleb and Baby Joshua are sooooooo beautiful!...and soooooooo tiny! Tony's mom said she remembers when Ashlyn was that tiny, and I was in disbelief. I looked over at Ashlyn (who was being held up by her Auntie Wil) and she looks HUGE! I don't remember her being that tiny at all...although I'm sure she was at some point. *deep sigh* It's so funny how when Ashlyn was small, I couldn't wait for her to get big....always excitedly waiting for the next big progression. But now I wish she could've stayed smaller a bit longer. They really do grow up TOO fast!
After an hour or so of visiting, we left to give Jennifer a chance to nurse and get some rest.

We headed over to Tony's parents' place in Monterey Park. Ashlyn and I hung around there for a bit, then fought our way through heavy traffic back home. Aric didn't get home from work until close to 9pm! He said stuff needed to be done, but almost everyone left early today. Poor Aric!
We ate dinner and I got started on baking pies. I'm making pumpkin again. I baked two: one for Aric's dad and one to take to dinner tomorrow. I also fixed a simple fruit & cheese & cracker platter for tomorrow as well.
Aric and I patiently waited to 10pm...thinking that Marshall Mather's (aka. Eminem) mom was going to be interviewed on "Primetime Live". Much to our disappointment, we found out that it aired last week. *bummer* We watched "Law and Order", then put the baby down to bed.

Tomorrow's going to be a long day, so I should go to bed early. Shyeah, right!...but I'll try. Today kinda felt like a Friday. =P

Wishing all of you a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Pictures from today:

Baby Caleb (l) and Baby Joshua (r)

Baby Caleb getting a pat from his mom

Baby Joshua sleeping

Tony watching Joshua

Wil and Ashlyn

Ashlyn and Tony's mom

big smile

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