Thinking of you on this special day!
Wishing you exciting new paths and promises ahead.
Miss ya, girl!

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jason!

The Santa Ana winds are still rocking the Southland. I complain about the scary noises it makes, but I didn't realize the force and severity of the winds. Last night's news reported a bunch of uprooted trees, fires, and damaged power-lines. =/
James also told us how a skylight at his work blew off and landed on a coworker's car...caving in the hood and shattering the front windshield. *yikes! Sour.

Despite the windy conditions, I needed to run errands and buy some stuff for Thanksgiving dinner. Since Grace needed to shop for Thanksgiving dinner as well, we decided to do it together. We went to Costco and the market. Both places were madhouses! There were so many last minute shoppers. Guess I shouldn't talk since I was one of them. hehehe

This year we're not spending Thanksgiving with my parents. It feels kind of strange. There was only ONE other time that I didn't spend Thanksgiving with them...and that was back in '91, when my parents went to Paris during Thanksgiving. I remember Wil and I spent it with my college friends in Berkeley (who were not able to spend it with their families). We made the traditional Thanksgiving fare. The turkey took so long that all the rest of the food got cold. We didn't get to eat until after 9pm, and our friend, George, got drunk off his own eggnog. HAHAHA!
So anyway...this year we were invited to dinner at my sister's husband's brother's wife's parent's house. Okay..did you get all that? Yeah, it sounds complicated and confusing, but basically it's "family" by marriage (a couple times removed). hehehe Wil and Tony are driving down and I'm looking forward to it. =D

Ashlyn and I got home around 7pm. Aric and I fixed a simple dinner and watched TV.
Tonight's "Smallville" was aiightt. It was kinda predictable....nevertheless, I still enjoyed it. I got to see Clark's exposed chest! Woo-Hoo! Gawd, I'm such a hom sup pau. HAHAHAHA!

I finally finished backloading all the journals. It was a feat, but I'm relieved it's done. Goodnight, yo! =)

Pictures from today:

Ashlyn enjoying her morning bath


Baby Taylor smiling

Lauren showing off her guitar

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