3:46pm - 7 lbs. 10 oz. - 19.5 in.

GATDAMN!..The Santa Ana winds be kickin' hard! The entire day the wind blew violently around the house...stirring up the last of the fallen leaves and creating an eerie sound. Instead of usual hissing or whoosing sounds, we were surrounded by a deep growl. Ashlyn and I decided to stay within the safety, warmth, and comfort of our home. Today was pretty mellow...I picked up around the house and played with Ashlyn.

Grace called this afternoon to share the good news: being two days overdue, Sam and Patti's baby girl finally arrived! *YAY!* Our circle of friends called one another and planned to surprise Sam and Patti with a visit at the hospital.
Patti looked well (and relieved). When asked about her labor and delivery, she boldly stated that it wasn't bad at all and that she could do it all over again. HAHAHA...yeah, epidural ROCKS! =D

We didn't stay too long since we well exceeded the visitor limit AND somehow were able to smuggle Lauren, Ashlyn, and Baby Taylor in. Shhhhh, don't tell. We wanted Patti to get some rest and give Sam a chance to bond with his new infant daughter.
Perhaps it's because both Grace and I had relatively easy labor and deliveries, but seeing a brand new baby made us both want another. *grin* I was actually surprised to hear Grace say it since Baby Taylor is less than 4 months old! Well, next up is Sue and Grace (the other Grace) who will be due next month...and it's coming up fast! =D

Ed, Sue, James, Grace, Lauren, and Baby Taylor all came over to our house. Aric, Grace, and I whipped up dinner as fast as we could. We made fried chicken, baked pork chops, pasta with spinach and mushrooms in a light garlic cream sauce, and steamed artichokes. We actually didn't get around to eating until 9:30pm! I don't know about everyone else, but I was starved!

The rest of the evening was spent sitting around the dining table talking. Conversation revolved around future family group trips, disciplining our kids, etc, etc...which is kinda neat since this is my only group of friends that are willing to talk about this kind of stuff. We already know that all the dads are quite overprotective about their daughters. I'm sure the guys were only joking (at least I hope they were), but they talked about spying, monitoring phone calls and emails, cleaning their guns (when dates pick up the girls), and other silly stuff. *shake head* I just have to make sure Aric doesn't spoil his daughter rotten. He excitedly showed me this link tonight. CRAZY!!!
Everyone left around midnight.

I got several requests for pictures of the ottomans we bought yesterday. They're great and I really love 'em! They have a hidden storage compartment underneath the cushion (for board games, remote controls, magazines, and such). We got them in stark white because....well, it was cheap!...$99 each at IKEA! But for $30 more, you can chose from a variety of different colors and patterns. The covers are easily removable and machine washable. COOL!

*YAWN* I know I said I was going to finish backloading the second half of the journals from my trip up North, but I can't tonight. It's close to 2am and I'm pretty tired! Tomorrow, oka'? G'Nite!

Pictures from today:




our ottomans (with Ashlyn as a point of reference)

Ashlyn, Aric, and an ottoman

Sam (the proud papa) and Baby Karis

Grace, Sue, Ashlyn, Aric, Ed, James, and Sam at the hospital

Baby Taylor and Lauren

Ashlyn and Aric

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